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Pre-Internet Authors Still on my Shelves.

The internet opened up a huge number of authors for me. Suddenly there was Amazon and various second hand book stores all over the world I could access books from. I could see via an author board what readers were reading. Facebook and Goodreads hadn’t quite come into my places to go but they soon would.

Here are some authors who still sit on my shelves from pre-internet times.

Jean Auel

book coverThis series started out in the 1980’s and they were in our shops and so accessible to me. I read them all except for the last one which didn’t seem to be that successful. I don’t have this book any longer but three of the later ones I do.


Rosamunde Pilcher.   book cover

Being English all of her books were in our shops as they came out. I picked up Winter Solstice as one of the ones that happen to be on my shelf but I read so many of hers.

Susan Howatch. book cover

Another British author so of course her books were in the shops too. I really got hooked by her Church of England series and followed it right through.


Diana Gabaldonbook cover
An American author but her books were in our shops right from the start so no problem. I started reading this series back then and am waiting for the next book!  The first one here was called Cross Stitch but later on was named Outlander.

Andrew Greeley

book coverI read a number of books by this author, not sure how I came to find out about them. Usually romance and mystery with a Catholic/religious flavour. Haven’t read one for years, should try one to see how I go with them these days.

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16 thoughts on “Pre-Internet Authors Still on my Shelves.”

  1. Oh fun topic! Rosamunde Pilcher is one of my favorites and I’m planning on rereading all her smaller titles soon. They’re not as good as Winter Solstice and Shell Seekers but they’re fun stories.


  2. I recognize many of the authors! I read all the Auel books but the last one was a bit of a slog. I skimmed through a lot of it. I remember that I was really hoping that she would go back and see how Durc (Ayla’s son) was doing, but nope.


  3. What a great idea and a great list!

    For those of us who are dedicated to our eReaders (Kindle for me) the physical books we chose to keep tells their own story.

    Jean Auel’s books are amazing.


  4. What a clever idea, to look back!

    I’m not familiar with all of these authors, but we also loved the Jean Auel novels, and I think we still have all of them. Like you, we read all but the last, which came out years after the others. In fact, my husband was just eyeing that last one for Big Book Summer! We did buy it somewhere along the line but I don’t think we read it.

    And Outlander was first called Cross Stitch?? That’s funny! Not quite the same punch, huh? I only just discovered Diana Gabaldon a few years ago … for one of my first Big Book Summers!

    Thanks for the look back –


    2020 Big Book Summer Challenge

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  5. I didn’t read Auel but one of my friends gobbled them up as they published. I read a few of Greeley’s, only the first Outlander (really liked it but never returned to the series for some reason), and have only read The Shell Seekers but want to read more by Pilcher. Fun post, Kathryn 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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