One Perfect Summer Brenda Novak

book cover

Publisher: Harlequin
Date: April 2020
Source: Publicist via NetGalley

After taking a DNA test three women find out they are half sisters. But how? Serenity sees herself as coming from a happily parented family, with a brother and two sisters. Reagan has just her mother, but there is a no hint of anything odd. Lorelei has spent many years in foster care, after being found wandering the streets.

They come together over one perfect summer, where they get to know each other. Each in there own way are grappling with crisis life situations. Serenity’s husband is in prison and it was she who ensured he went there. Now her writing has dried up and she can’t get to write the book that is overdue. Reagan had an office affair that has left her anxious and Lorelei has found that her husband slept with her best friend. What a hotpot of challenges.

The story is told in turn by the three sisters and occasionally by their neighbor Finn – he and his two brothers are staying next door. It helped me the reader to really empathise with each woman and see exactly how they felt and what they were struggling with.

There is a little touch of romance, but essentially it is the story of each woman and the challenges she must accept and grow through. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And… I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them!

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