Stories We Never Told. Sonja Yoerg

book cover

Published: Lake Union Publishing
Date: 1st May 2020
Source: Publisher via NetGalley

Sonja Yoerg’s latest book Stories We Never Told is a tale of obsession, jealousy, hidden truths, mingled with a cold control on the part of one character.

Jackie Strelitz is a professor married to a sport scout, Miles. For five years she had been in a relationship with Harlan another professor who had wooed her but set a lot of boundaries. Finally when she realises he won’t give her what would make her happy she walks out. Now he springs Nasira on her and then let the games begin.

And they are far from pleasant games. The story builds slowly as the person setting up carefully stacks  a very careful, coldly thought out plan. Most of the characters are quite flawed, mainly because they hide so much and while they “see” they still deny.

I kept turning the pages, although I have to admit this is not my usual kind of read and therefore in some ways I would say “this isn’t for me”. However those who like a good psychological thriller I think will be quite satisfied with it.


10 thoughts on “Stories We Never Told. Sonja Yoerg”

  1. I do love a good psychological thriller but i also have to be in the right frame of mind for such mind games. Kudos for finishing it Kathryn. Great review

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  2. I give you credit for continuing it even though it wasn’t really for you. I find that I haven’t had the attention span lately to continue reading a book if it doesn’t fully grasp my attention. So, I would have ended up putting this down if I were in your shoes. Thanks for your honest review.

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