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May Books I Want to Have Read Already!

Ah I love this time of the year when so many good books begin to publish, the kind of books I enjoy. These are five I have my eye on for certain. Fortunately or unfortunately – whatever may be the case for me they weren’t accessible to me on NetGalley because of my living location  down at the lower end of the world! On the great side a) I can support the author by buying the book and b) I can read them at my leisure.

I’d prefer them all in paperback but may have to go with Kindle in this Covid19 world. UK Book Depository say they are shipping, so no doubt they are, but are books leaving and arriving from and to ports. Hmm. I don’t know! Our bookshops are now selling online but would be very unlikely to have any of these, but I will check first of course.

I’ll let the covers and authors just stand for themselves with no comment!


Have you read or intend to read any of these?


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15 thoughts on “May Books I Want to Have Read Already!”

  1. Mary Kay Andrews is an author I like to read. I will be interested to see what you think of her new book. I heard good things about Mary Alice Monroe but I never read her books yet.

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  2. I am just starting the new Mary Alice Monroe, and mine is a NetGalley ARC. Sorry you couldn’t get it!

    I also love Mary Kay Andrews and Barbara Delinsky…so I’ll be looking for these books. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you get them all!

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  3. I read the new MKA book (review posts on Tuesday) and have the rest of your list on my wish list. I’ll read or listen depending on what I can get my hands on first 🙂

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  4. These look good Kathleen. I’ve read books by all these authors but not these ones. Will definitely check them out.
    I’ve been using the digital copies at my library a lot lately – altho not all the books I’d like to read can be borrowed electronically. Now our libraries are shuttered until the end of June at least.

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    1. I was wondering how you were including so many library books in your reading. I can’t borrow ebooks from my library as they don’t favour the Kindle which I use. Waiting for the re-open!


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