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Recent New to Me Authors I Have Added to My Want To Read More List

It is always a danger finding a new author I like! It adds to that TBR list for sure. I find new authors through other reader/bloggers, the MMD reading club and summer guide and just picking up a book at either NetGalley or a shop I think I might like.

book coverAlix E. Harrow.

I admit this is not my usual kind of read. But it sufficiently hooked me with its premise of doors opening into different worlds and its theme of safety versus freedom and choice. She has a new one this year and I will certainly give it a read to see if its really me.

book coverSofie Ryan.

I am not much of a cosy book reader but Sofie Ryan has managed to hook me with her cat Elvis (see I even remember his name without having to go look it up). I like the characters and so it is why I will go back and keep reading this series. Who knows after that!

book cover Emma Hannigan.

I loved this story about five women and their households. At first I thought it would be too many people to keep track of, but I soon slipped easily into the goings on of Kingfisher Road, and was cheering them all on. While it covers a few serious issues, each woman has secrets, there is a light warm hearted tone to the book which was so uplifting. The women vary in age ranging from 70 to 20, yet the supportive kindness they extend to each other is wonderful. Maybe everything wraps up a little too well but I am not really complaining. I think I have one of her books already on my TBR shelf which I must reach!book cover

Viola Shipman

I think its two books I have now read by Viola Shipman and I like his writing. I find its just the right kind of characters and warmth that I enjoy, with a little history at times. Will certainly explore any backlog. Must earmark them.

Uzma Jalaluddin

book cover

Uzma is a Canadian author and this was a debut novel I was introduced to by the Modern Mrs Darcy summer reading guide 2019. She hasn’t written another one, but I hope she does and I’d certainly read it. This book was a revamped Pride and Prejudice story, not that I care about that. I just liked the Muslim aspect and the pair involved int he romantic story. So hope she writes another, I’ll buy it and read it.



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17 thoughts on “Recent New to Me Authors I Have Added to My Want To Read More List”

  1. I’m so glad you liked Sofie Ryan! There are a few series with a similar feel that I think you might like. I’ll have to find the names and pass them on. Viola Shipman is one I really want to read. All the books sounds amazing and the covers are always so gorgeous!


      1. I have so many that I like to read. I enjoy Jenn Mckinlay cupcake bakery series. It is very easy read but I really enjoy it. I am slowly reading through the series.

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