Blog Tour: Sunrise at Half Moon Bay. Robyn Carr

book cover

Published: MIRA
Date: April 14th 2020
Source: Publicist via NetGalley

Sunrise at Half Moon Bay is Robyn Carr’s latest book and gives us the story of two sisters – born twenty years apart. Adele and Justine.  Adele has cared for first her father and then her mother, living in the family home with them. Now both of them are gone and she at thirty two must take up her life and live it. Up until now her high flying lawyer sister has supported her, but now things are different.

Justine has hit some snags herself. Her marriage is now in difficulties and husband Scott is at the centre of that! Her two daughters are who she needs to put first and she does.

Both sisters have to make decisions and plot new paths in their lives. That’s what kept me reading – what was going to happen next. The characters seemed a little up and down, but on the whole I warmed to them.

This book did feel instructive and the intention seemed to be to educate. How to negotiate a divorce, friendship with sisters, how to deal with people who take advantage of you, lie to you, abuse you. And how to come out the other side.

There was a lot of prose and telling, more that I like! There was as well dialogue moving the plot forward which placated this reader to some extent. Somehow it didn’t feel to me like it was Robyn Carr’s usual author voice.

That said, I still got immersed and enjoyed the read.



9 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Sunrise at Half Moon Bay. Robyn Carr”

  1. i haven’t read her lately I haven’t really liked anything since Virgin River. Thanks for sharing I do like novels about sisters but wow 20 years apart that’s more on an age difference between me and my mom

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    1. Katherine it might have just been me but this was the least favourite of all her books. Normally I do like her stand alone ones, not quite so enraptured by this one. Felt very didactic.


    2. I loved Virgin River, but I didn’t care for her “Sullivan’s Crossing. This is an actually pretty good one. 4 stars from me. Quiite enjoyablr. I recommend it,, Katherine.


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