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Titles that Speak to the Times.

Sometimes titles of books speak not only of their contents but what is going on. So noting that it’s only the titles that speak to the present Covid-19 Virus.  However they are all books I own and  have enjoyed reading. 4 or 5 star reads.  All covers link to Goodreads in case its the book you want to know about!

book coverWell many of you are “sheltering in place”. Much nicer that what we are calling it – “stay at home” or “lockdown”

The actual book was published in 2018, I listened to the audio. I gave it 5 stars and commented “Really well narrated story – high tension, crime, horrible villain, great chief of police and artists! And best of all Barney the deputy.”book cover

Why are we sheltering in place? Because Covid- 19 has become out of control in many places. Think Italy and Spain and New York.  The book was published back in 2005 – part of The Troubleshooters series that I really loved reading.

book coverHow did the virus spread around the world? Well maps of the flight patterns of planes and indeed ships will show how the virus was spread from country to country. We now have in New Zealand compulsory 14 days enforced and supervised isolation for all travellers coming home. I know Australia is doing the same already and I guess others are as well.

Published in 2016. I’d like to read this again sometime. Guess who has forgotten the story!

book coverOut of this virus has come many different kinds of heroes. However I am thinking mainly of the medical staff, many who warned this was going to be serious. Sadly this morning I heard of a Dr. in the UK who had warned of it and now has died of the virus. These people risk their lives everyday as they calmly go about caring for the sick. I also think of leaders of various countries who are doing such a great tiring job putting in place things that will keep us safe and functioning. I salute my Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her health and finance personnel.

The book itself was published in 2014. I am a total fan of all her writing. She doesn’t publish every year but 2020 is one in which she does.

book coverAnd so in these times we are living a different kind of normal. My biggest highlight of the week was a flu jab, administered in my car in the carpark of the medical centre! I am ordering  groceries online and having them delivered. Staying up to midnight to get a time slot when I need to order. Other than that there is very little I can order online. Essential items only. I am communicating via FaceTime and Zoom and phone.

Here in NZ we live and stay in our “bubbles” I am the only one in mine. We have to stay in our bubbles, only exercise in our locality. Everyone does around here and I have never had so many hellos on the outing! This demand of course separates the caring from the selfish. Today as I write its Good Friday. The police are out stopping those trying to travel to their holiday houses.

The book? Well I love all Cathy Lamb’s books. Her humour I get!

I am sure there are more books which speak to these times. Any on your shelves?


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12 thoughts on “Titles that Speak to the Times.”

  1. Great Post Kathryn – some great reads as well. As we all do our part to lessen the impact, hopefully we will arrive on the other side of this with a greater appreciation of what is truly important.

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  2. I wore a mask and gloves to do early grocery shopping hours at the store near me this morning. I was happy that the number of shoppers was low making it easy to keep the required social distance. I won’t go again for a week.
    The newest Bohjalian book had a virus theme. I enjoyed your post. I wonder if I’d like the Brockmann series. I’ve never read her.
    Stay well, Kathryn.

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    1. Mary the Brockmann series is romantic suspense. The first couple were sort of more in the romance genre but at about book 3 it became more suspense, but I loved the characters who mostly carry on through the books. Fast paced!


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