Comfort Reads in These Times

As I find my anxiety ratcheting up in these rare times, I have looked at my books and wondered if I needed something really good to read that would engage me, what would it be? These are some I picked out, although there are many more I could choose.  My library is still open, unlike some around the world but of course that could change in a moment.

book coverPublished 2009. I really enjoyed this book, it was excellent. It is about four writers. One of them has her life fall apart and the other three come to her rescue. To help her they co author her book that must be written to meet a deadline. Of course no one else knows that. Each chapter starts with a wonderful little quote that are gems in themselves. It is extremely well written and once started fully engages the reader. As I was reading I found plenty to enjoy and ponder on.


book coverWritten in 1996. The last thing widow Althea Winsloe wanted to do was remarry. Unfortunately, her meddlesome mountain neighbors had other plans. So, one autumn night they banded together and gave Althea a shocking ultimatum: She was to find herself a husband by Christmas…or the town would do it for her!

I didn’t write anything about this book for review on Goodreads but I have a memory of it being so heart warming and beautiful. It would most likely be the book I’d pick first.


book cover Published 1996 as well. Annie Trimble lives in a solitary world that no one enters or understands. As delicate and beautiful as the tender blossoms of the Oregon spring, she is shunned by a town that misinterprets her affliction. But cruelty cannot destroy the love Annie holds in her heart.

No review for this one either but the emotion of it lingers and that’s really what counts for me in a book.


book cover And one from 2017. Most likely any of Kristan Higgins books would do but this one for sure.
On Second Thought  was a read that I couldn’t put down. I came back to it any time I had, other things I thoroughly enjoy were put aside. I was totally hooked into this book, I laughed and at times a few tears slipped down from the sheer perfection of some of the relationships and how they worked out.

book coverPublished 2018.
Single mother, Ruth, and her son, DJ, have never truly fitted in, but that didn’t matter, so long as they were together. When their home comes under threat, their quiet life will change forever.
My review was very short! “Oh my goodness – I loved this book – it goes straight to the heart. Loved it, loved it!”



What few books would you choose for a comfort read? Stay well everyone.

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15 thoughts on “Comfort Reads in These Times”

  1. I’m glad you have some comfort reads and are okay getting supplies and food. I’m still reading a cozy where the protangonist has to find her aunt’s stud, Beau + the second book of the Chicagoland Vampires series. I’m enjoying both, especially the latter.

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    1. Ooh vampires. I just bought some birthday books for my grand niece who will be seven next month. The main character is half vampire and half fairy – can’t start them too young on the paranormal!!

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    1. A book or three… or one hundred!! Our major city library closed yesterday as we have embargo on gatherings over 100 but as we are behind most of world it will come I think that ours will close so going there today. Because I only have a hundred books I could read!!


  2. I love Higgins’ and Wendy Wax’s books – will definitely check these out. Couldn’t like your post – having trouble with wordpress today! grrr. Took me three tries to actually create and post mine today.

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    1. Bev I don’t know what’s happened but for the last few days I too have not been able to like anybodies posts on WordPress either. Maybe I’ll ask them on Twitter. They are quite good at responding there.


  3. The Accidental Bestseller is one I haven’t read. I also want to look for the Carmel Harrington book. Loved your thoughts – you know I love short reviews 😀
    Stay well, Kathryn.

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  4. I loved The Accidental Bestseller, which was my first read from Wendy Wax. A book that started me on the road to fandom, and I have subsequently read most of her books.

    I have On Second Thought on my list as I’ve loved several books by Kristan Higgins.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Yes I just so loved The Accidental Bestseller. I lent it out once and it didn’t return for ages. I mourned it, then I spotted it on a friend’s shelf and claimed it back!!


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