Audiobooks on my TBR 2020

For many years I have enjoyed audiobooks, although just lately I had a lull. However I’ve picked up my pace again and I am well on my way to finishing my present one. So my mind has gone to what I might listen to next.

Here are the ones I will listen to this year but I am not sure in what order!

Book Cover I have Becoming for sometime, I really need to make it a priority, I know I’ll really enjoy it. I know I do not need to say any more about this book, it has been huge.


book cover This is another one I’ve had since last year. I haven’t really read Maeve Binchy but I believe this is worth reading. It is narrated Caroline Lennon.
book cover


This one is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice but set in Pakistan. It was on Anne Bogel’s Summer Reading Guide 2019 and it has been on my radar. So now its in my Audible library waiting for my attention.  It is narrated by Rasheeda Ali.


book coverI listened to The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir by Jennifer Ryan and really enjoyed it. This one is her next book and is World War 11 as well. It has only one narrator – Jane Entwhistle. Her previous book had quite a cast of narrators.


book cover



The Sun Sister is the next one in a series and I have been watching for it to coming out on audio.There are two narrators as there usually in these books as they tell two time lines. Some readers haven’t been happy with the narrators but I think I’ll still go with it. I haven’t got this one in my Audible library yet but it will be soon. Its about 26 hours long though!!


Which one will I listen to next? I am not sure! But at least I have narrowed it down to five! That’s sort of a plan! If you were making a choice which one would it be for you?


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16 thoughts on “Audiobooks on my TBR 2020”

  1. I listened to A Week in Winter and absolutely adored it. It was absolutely wonderful. I didn’t realize Jayne Entwistle did the narration for the Jennifer Ryan book. I listened to Chilbury Ladies’ Choir and loved it but hadn’t thought of grabbing this newest one in audio. I’m listening to The Storm Sister right now and I really love it and the narrators but I haven’t gotten much listening time in this week.


    1. Okay so that’s so good to hear about A Week in Winter. And The Storm Sister – always so many hours in those books which are so daunting but … I guess I’ll get there!


    1. Totally agree with you Marg about the narrators. My experience too. I liked The Pearl Sister on audio but some have been meh, although if I could let my grievances go I mostly enjoyed them.


    1. I wax and wane on audiobooks but I usually have one on the go. Readers say the audio of Becoming is the way to go although I do have the Hardback version as well.


  2. Oh I would love to have Michelle Obama’s book on audible I may just get it, I was recovering from surgery when my book club read it and wasn’t up to doing any reading then so I missed it

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  3. If I were to choose one from your list I think I’d go for Unmarriagable, I love the bright colors and the idea of a Pakistani P&P sounds interesting! Excited to see which you pick. Have a great weekend!!


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