An Everyday Hero . Laura Trentham

book cover

Published: St Martin’s Press
Date: 4th February 2020
Source: Publicist via NetGalley


An Everyday Hero  by Laura Trentham certainly wins my vote as a reader who loves a deeply satisfying story of redemption, second chances and sheer gutsiness.

Greer has returned home after years of just plodding along in the music industry to find her boyfriend cheating on her. After a bout of drunkenness and disorder she is sentenced to helping at a music center for veterans and her families.

One of the people she is assigned is Ally, a really anti, sullen teen, who has lost her father in war. Everyone else has given up on Ally, but Greer with her quick comebacks and understanding born of years of hard graft, begins to make a chink in her armour.

Veteran Emmett Lawson has holed himself up in a cabin, shooting at anyone who visits. His worried parents have appealed to the music center for help. Greer is sent out and in spite of receiving the shooting treatment manages to get a foot on the step, eventually.

For all the characters its not an easy journey. They all have issues and deep seated pain and heart break. But when it comes down to it, they hang in there, and manage to eventually come through the chaos of their lives.

The story highlights the difficulties faced by war veterans and their families. It also says it’s important to hang in there with them and not be put off by early rebuffs. Love, family and friendship along with challenge and tough love can win through.

I’ve become a firm fan of this author and this series.

11 thoughts on “An Everyday Hero . Laura Trentham”

  1. That sounds like a good book. How many books do you read every week? I’m doing good to read one in a couple of weeks these days. I used to be able to zip through one in a day.

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      1. You commented on my blog and the email copy didn’t have an email address so I will ask you here- I looked on Amazon but didn’t find the design board you mentioned. Do you have a quilting blog also?


      2. Marti I have just looked on Amazon through my order which was last year and I see they say it is not in stock which is a shame. Yes I have a quilt blog at


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