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Five Books on my Kindle Waiting…


I tend to ignore my Kindle books a little, so I am taking a look at all the ones waiting and picking out five books I need to remind myself to read sooner rather than later! It says that I have 540 unread, but I am sure that’s a fib, I really need to check, because if even left at 98% I think it doesn’t recognise it as read! I need to do a bit of a sort to obtain the real count.

These ones are more recent additions… I haven’t gone deep into the basement yet.

book cover

This is a recent one, that was recommended by a couple of people with whom I have similar reading taste.  It’s Little Women inspired, and is about family and sisterhood I think. By the way have you been to the new movie Little Women? I haven’t but would quite like to, although just over 2 hours.


book coverThis one is from a teen favourite author and I didn’t read all her books, or if I did I’ve forgotten them. They have somewhat updated covers! This one is about a young nurse starting out. Many of these books have been published recently in Kindle format and I have been buying them all up! But I need to read them!

Book cover Bought back in July 2019. I think it was on a deal and a few people have recommended it. It may be a Rom Com which isn’t my preferred reading but will give it a go sometime.


book coverBought this back last year in July too and its historical romance, #3 in a series and I enjoyed the first two. I need to get to it! It’s a marriage of convenience trope.


Book CoverAnother July ’19 purchase! Again a deal I think and maybe a recommendation from Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs Darcy blog.  The blurb says ………………… A searing debut novel from the award-winning author of You Know When the Men are Gone, about jealousy, the unpredictable path of friendship, and the secrets kept in marriage, all set within the U.S. expat community of the Middle East during the rise of the Arab Spring.


Kindle books tend to be out of sight, out of mind! How about you? Are you all clear or is there a pile up?

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26 thoughts on “Five Books on my Kindle Waiting…”

  1. I could do a post like this with about 30 Kindle books on it! ha ha Like you, I tend to forget about my e-books. I mostly read in print. But I only buy e-books if there is something I REALLY want to read, so I should get to them!

    Meg and Jo sounds like fun – my friends and I just went to see Little Women on Friday. Lots of fun!

    Thanks for the reminder of all those e-books waiting!


    Book By Book

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    1. Oh so happy to hear of someone seeing Little Woman movie. Was again thinking this morning I want to go but the weather is so good at the moment I am reluctant to go to a theatre.


  2. Looks like we’re not alone with the bottomless pit that is Kindle Unread… I know that I do have to get to 100% before they are marked as read/finished. I wen’t through a few this weekend and marked them as read and removed them from my device – it’s a mammoth task! Lol!
    Good luck with reading some of your unread titles. x

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  3. I’ve had the questionable habit of loading up my Kindle with free books and then never getting around to reading them. I’ve tried to be more discerning lately! Meg & Jo looks interesting – I’m going to check into that one

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  4. I try not to see how many are actually on my kindle – and I still order more each day (the free ones for sure)
    I’ll have to check these out. I read the Wedding Date and enjoyed it.


  5. I’m sure I have at least as many unread books as you on my Kindle. I’m trying to read at least one from that backlog and then doing a GR rating. I wonder if anyone ever gets through their kindle books.


  6. Ugh…let’s not talk about our Kindle backlogs. ha. I do fairly good at keeping up with reading books on my literal shelves. But my Kindle folders? There are enough books for multiple lifetimes. I don’t have enough life left to read them all.

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  7. I have to admit that most of my kindle has unread books but that’s because when I see a fab sale on Amazon that I can get an audible version for just 1.99 I jump on it so even though they are unread they have been listened to. But then there are the lonely one’s that just sit there. hmmm maybe I should start doing this too. thanks Kathryn


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