The Little Bookshop on the Seine. Rebecca Raisin

book cover

Published: HQN
Date: 7th January 2020
Source: Publicist via NetGalley


The Little Bookshop on the Seine by Rebecca Raisin is one in a series, however I hadn’t read any previous ones and found it could easily be read without former experience!

This is certainly a book for book lovers and those who would love to visit Paris. It has oodles of both. Sarah has come from her quiet, sleepy town in Connecticut and has swapped bookshops with her friend Sophie who has one in Paris. Sarah’s bookshop doesn’t really do well, but then she hates parting with any of the books! Sarah’s on the other hand is a bustling, busy shop.

All that is expected of Sarah to do in the busy Paris shop had my head reeling. I think hers must have been worse! Life goes at pace, and she is taken out of her small world as she sees the amazing art around her in Paris. It’s a pity though that the book must have been seen through its final stages before Notre Dame had its terrible fire.

Sarah  has to learn how to handle a rather odd staff, find out where some disappearing money is going  and to try and keep sales up so that Sophie is happy. She also has to believe in the man who says he loves her and works all over the world as a journalist, following the latest story as they arise. All big asks.

This is a story of Sarah stepping out into the unknown and different. Of it taking time for her to find her feet and feel that she is part of Paris and the people she meets up with, many of whom touch her heart and become good friends. And she learns to speak up and display her enthusiasm for all things Christmas. A touching, warm hearted story.

10 thoughts on “The Little Bookshop on the Seine. Rebecca Raisin”

  1. Sounds perfect for book bloggers but I’m already feeling anxious for Sarah 🙂 Since I love books and would love to visit Paris one day I’ll add it to my list. Thanks for sharing!

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