First Book of the New Year 2020

book cover

Since 2014 Sheila over at Book Journey has been leading us in choosing that first special book of the year. Its thanks to her that I have been doing it since then, I just hadn’t thought of it before. However I think its such a great idea.

For 2020 I am choosing one of my own bookshelf and its a reread as well. It is a large number of years since I read it and I bought myself a new copy because I have no idea where the copy I read is.

book cover

Its by Rumer Godden, written in the 1960’s and considered a bit of a classic. I know I liked it first time round, but draw a big blank on it now even as I read the blurb!

Bruised by tragedy, Philippa Talbot leaves behind a successful career with the civil service for a new calling: to join an enclosed order of Benedictine nuns. In this small community of fewer than one hundred women, she soon discovers all the human frailties: jealousy, love, despair. But each crisis of heart and conscience is guided by the compassion and intelligence of the Abbess and by the Sisters’ shared bond of faith and ritual. Away from the world, and yet at one with it, Philippa must learn to forgive and forget her past

Would you read it? Have you read it?



17 thoughts on “First Book of the New Year 2020”

  1. I read this years ago – when I was considering converting. I didn’t, but I loved this book. It’s time to reread it I think – now that I am older (wiser?)


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