All About Evie. Cathy Lamb

book cover

Published: Kensington
Date: 29th October 2019
Source: Publisher via NetGalley


Evie has premonitions, unbidden they come to her and show her what is going to happen to a person. It drives her crazy because if they are bad she wants to save the person and stop whatever is about to befall them.  Sometimes she saves someone, stops the awful thing happening, other times she experiences powerful guilt that she couldn’t stop it.

Evie runs a bookshop, she is passionate about it, look out if you haven’t read a book lately! She loves animals, and has quite a variety of them, often she has rescued them from mean circumstances. She loves to eat healthily – like ice cream because it has protein and nutritious milk origins.  She adores her sister Jules and loves her mother and aunts. She is so in love with Marco, the vet, but for some unfathomable reason sees no future with this.

Evie’s Mom and two aunts are wacky! They provide much of the comic relief, a bit like the clowns in a Shakespearean play. They love flowers, and the hats they make and wear are outrageous. They drove me a little silly to be honest, but… their hearts are full of love.

And we do need a little comic relief because there is a dark side to this story. We meet Betsy and Johnny, and they are in a very dark horrible place. Prison to be exact. Some of the prison scenes are gut wrenching.

Cathy Lamb in All About Evie explores family, love, friendship, cruelty, heartache and twisted prejudices. It’s entertaining and funny with sad depths. However it’s ultimately  uplifting redemptive  and a celebration of life – a worthwhile read.

10 thoughts on “All About Evie. Cathy Lamb”

    1. Ah Mary, I saw your review on NetGalley and read your thoughts. I kind of agree with you on your points. However I am acclimatised I think to her writing but of all her books this would be the one that I wasn’t totally engaged by.

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