One Wish. Jodi Thomas

book cover

Published: Kensington Books
Date: 29th October 2019
Source: Publisher via NetGalley


One Wish is a novella written by Jodi Thomas with her trademark Texan setting and characters. And there is a canyon! Yes I associate canyons with Jodi’s books.

Maggie has a general store in town – she is all alone her parents having died. One evening bad men storm her store and it is only due to Sam Thompson’s quick thinking that she is saved from them. Needing to get Maggie to safety because the outlaw may gun for her, Sam takes her deep into the canyon he calls home. Oh my I loved the description of how his home is built.

It’s a novella so things move fast, there is action,  we meet a few other delightful characters, a couple who are mean and nasty and one surprising character who arrives at the right moment.

It’s a warm delightful little story and I revelled in it as I read.

12 thoughts on “One Wish. Jodi Thomas”

  1. I managed to get this one and I am looking forward to reading it. I know several people have said it is a novella but the Amazon link shows 352 pages which isn’t novella size for me.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  2. I liked this one as well, Kathryn. I don’t think I’ve ever not liked a Jodi Thomas book 🙂
    Usually not a fan of novellas but I think they are perfect for the busy Christmas season.

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    1. I certainly love all her later ones. Hmm I don’t usually like novellas either but this worked and so did the other Texas one that she leads, all the authors wrote a good story.


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