Met Her Match. Jude Deveraux

book cover

Published: Harlequin Mira
Date: 17th September 2019
Source: Publisher via NetGalley


Met Her Match was a read I really enjoyed. It has lots going for it.

  • the heroine Terri is just delightful, she pretty much runs the show and the lakeside area her Dad is responsible for. She sorts problems, rescues people and generally has a heart of gold. She is very competent, and can swim wonderfully well.
  •  Terri isn’t popular in the town area. Supposedly as a teen she’s beaten up boys and ruined relationships. Well that’s according to the town gossip. Believe what you will.
  • there is a feud going on between the town and lake areas, and the town people tend to look down on the lake people.
  • Terri has a great Dad, and a sheriff friend who stands in as an uncle and they both value Terri highly. (As they should)
  • There is the mystery of Terri’s mother who left town when Terri was two years old, abandoning Terri and her husband. (Or … did she?)
  • And then there is Nate. Big, handsome Nate – engaged to Stacy the mayor’s daughter, who happens to be overseas, so Nate, due to someones trickery ends up staying with Terri. Together they are a team, and Nate it turns out “can fix anything”.

I loved my visit to Summer Hill – Virginia, its well written and humorous. I’d be very happy to visit again.


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