Things You Save in a Fire. Katherine Centre

book cover

Published: Harlequin
Date: 13th August 2019
Source: Publisher via NetGalley


Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center is a short book. No! Not really! But that’s how it felt because I just loved reading it and it just went by far too fast. Always a sign of a good story.

One heroine who has a dark past that has left her angry, bitter and with a “keep your hands off me or you’ll be sorry” kind of attitude, even if its just a sympathetic hug.

Cassie is a firefighter and skilled paramedic. She knows to work alongside men she needs to be the best… and she is. When her mother needs her she reluctantly moves to be with her and start afresh. The men at the new fire station aren’t going to make it easy for her, the rookie provides an interesting new experience for her and life with her mother turns into something more than she was expecting.

Just when I was thinking to myself something is missing – you’ll know if you have read it, or when you read it – wham it arrived in a huge plot twist that was so good.

I loved how Cassie evolved, how she showed courage on so many fronts, how skilled and calm she was with her work. I loved how she came to know the power of forgiveness. And well… what I love most in a book – love and a happy, satisfying ending!

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