The Golden Hour. Beatriz Williams

book cover

Publisher: William Morrow
Date: July 9th 2019
Source: Publisher via NetGalley

It pays to stay with The Golden Hour! It weaves in and out of timelines and tells the lives of two seemingly unrelated, different women. Elfriede and Lulu.  Elfriede we meet in the early 1900’s, in Germany. As a young woman she is married to a German baron, however she suffers from post natal depression – something really not understood in those days. It leads to a number of events.

We then have Lulu in the early to mid 1940’s – war time. And does she have an interesting back story. She finds herself in The Bahamas in Nassau during the war. There she develops a relationship with the Duchess of Windsor and her husband.  I found this aspect really interesting, and I do think Beatriz Williams drew some interesting and well researched aspects to this couples personalities and lives and values.  Lulu meets up with and falls in love with Benedict Thorpe – a rather mysterious man, who appears and disappears often.  Only to return rather often bearing bruises and scars.

Its wartime, so there are spies and strange disappearances and even murders. Some of what happens is based on history, some of the people we meet were actual factual people. Although of course all the main characters are fictional.

At times the continual weaving back and forth of time lines and the two women annoyed me. I like a straight forward timeline! However exercising patience rewarded me and I really became involved in the story and liked it very much. A few revelations at the end I didn’t see coming which of course really is a plus.

There is a reference in the author’s note  to The Infinite Sea, a book I very much liked, and now want to go back and refresh my mind by rereading it. Johann, a German, we again meet in The Golden Hour, in a minor but still very interesting way, was in The Infinite Sea.

A well written, insightful and clever piece of historical fiction.


11 thoughts on “The Golden Hour. Beatriz Williams”

      1. 🙂

        My favorites were A HUNDRED SUMMERS, THE SECRET LIFE OF VIOLET GRANT, ALONG THE INFINITE SEA, and TINY LITTLE THING. Probably a few more, but those are the ones I remember. 🙂

        Have you read the collaborative one THE FORGOTTEN ROOM? LOVED it…she collaborated with Karen White and Lauren Willig.

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