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Library Love – How am I Doing?


Linking up to Angela’s Guilty Pleasures mid year check in.


In 2018 I used the library really well thanks to this challenge and went beyond my goal of 24. This year I am aiming for 36. At this point in time I am a little behind in my goal but made good ground in June.

I like reserving books as soon as I hear about them and often they haven’t been published yet but the library has them on order. Only trouble is sometimes they come in too much at once!

Books Read

  1. Becoming Mrs Lewis  Patti Callahan  Historical Fiction.   5 stars.
  2. Suitcase of Dreams  Tania Blanchard  Historical Fiction 4 stars.
  3. Marilla of Green Gables  Historical Fiction  4 stars
  4. The Red Address Book. Multi Time line Fiction. 4 stars
  5. Strawberry Hill  Catherine Anderson  3 stars
  6. Meet Me at the Museum   Anne Youngson 4 stars
  7. The Cottage at Rosella Cove   Sandi Docker   3 stars
  8. The Natural Home Wendyl Nissen  4.5 stars
  9. From Night Owl to Dogfish   Holly Sloan/Meg Wolitzer 4 stars
  10. Ayesha at Last  Uzma Jalaluddin  4 stars
  11. The Accidental Beauty Queen  Teri Wilson  3.5 stars
  12. When We Left Cuba Chanel Cleeton 4 stars
  13. I’m Fine and Neither Are You  Camille Pagán. 4 stars
  14. Inheritance: A memoir of genealogy, paternity and love.  Dani Shapiro 4 stars
  15. The Secret of Clouds   Alyson Richman   4 stars
  16. The Gift of Friends.   Emma Hannigan.  5 stars

So far my favourite books from the library have been two five star reads. Becoming Mrs Lewis by Patti Callahan and The Gift of Friends by Emma Hannigan.


some of the books planned for the second half of the year!

Books to be read

I don’t use the library for ebooks because it doesn’t support the Kindle format. And there audiobook online choice is poor… and I’ve told them so!

13 thoughts on “Library Love – How am I Doing?”

  1. Such a bummer to hear your library doesn’t support Kindle and the Audio selection isn’t great, but I’m happy to see you still use your library for those physical books. I love the hold option. I know I put a bunch on hold and then for some reason they all come at once ^_^… No worries though if I don’t get to them I just borrow them again. Great job on loving your library. Keep it up!


  2. I feel really lucky that my library support Kindle because I cannot read on my phone. I’m also using the library much more regularly and it’s been so much fun. I love discovering books I might not have tried if I was just buying them!


  3. Hi Kathryn! I love reading books from the library, and I do the same thing you do. As soon as I hear of a title I’d like to read, I go add it before I forget. You’re right – they do seem to be available in waves. Sometimes I have four to read at one time – then I just let one go and catch it on the flip flop. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Roseanne the library is such a great place. Hope you get a great rest over the weekend and become refreshed. I don’t know how you work and sew and read.You do so much. Oh and blog of course!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Your library’s e-books are not supported by Kindle? That’s a shame. Our library’s does, and the audiobook selection is excellent.
    Good for you for expressing your opinion. 😉


    1. I think the Kindle is not looked on lovingly here in New Zealand unfortunately. I suspect they will be slow to never getting it in our libraries but you never know!


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