Month in Review

Reading in June Digest

Total books read this month: 12

New to me authors:

Teri Wilson
Chanel Cleeton
Camille Pagán.
Dani Shapiro
Alyson Richman
Emma Hannigan

Where the authors come from

USA: 8
Canada : 2
Australia: 1

Reading Challenge Update:

I am breaking even for the audiobook challenge as mid year arrives. In the library one I am behind but this month saw me return to using the library more which is good! Half of the books I read this month came from the library.

Reading Club Update:

I read The Gown for the Modern Mrs Darcy book club. It was a really good historical/contemporary dual timeline book. Oh my, the exquisite work that went into the wedding gown of Queen Elizabeth. The interview with Jennifer Robson by Anne Bogel just so added to my appreciation of the story.

Outside Reading Highlights

I had to buy a new computer. My last one crashed. I might see if I can get it fixed as a back up. We’ll see.

I finished a bookshelf quilt which I was delighted to see completed. A post about that later.

Top Book for June…

Well at least eight out of the twelve could be this, they were all so good. However the last is always fresher and this is the one I choose. My first read of Irish author Emma Hannigan. Unfortunately she passed away last year, but I do have a back list I can read.

This book was about being real, the delights of friendship and being there for each other as challenges are faced.

book cover

Looking forward to reading in July …

These two for sure, I have quite a few I want to get to but these will certainly be on the reading agenda for July.

Main Reading Goals for July…

  • continue to read some library books
  • pick up Lonesome Dove again. I made it too P.189 and then fell off the wagon.
  • Pick up as few review books as possible!

Incoming Books for June….


Library Books

From NetGalley or Edelweiss

Audio Books Purchased

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23 thoughts on “Reading in June Digest”

  1. When We Left Cuba is on my TBR, I read Next Year In Havana and absolutely loved it. I’m sorry about the death of your computer. My computer was acting a little funky the other day and I was afraid it would be the end of it but thankfully it is still hanging on.

    I hope you have a wonderful July!

    Tina @ As Told By Tina

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like your monthly review — where, what, how, why you read. Maybe I should try that…

    Sorry about your computer! I have a Macbook Air that is getting on in years — the battery isn’t doing so great. I’m dreading replacing it. Maybe I should just get a tablet? I mostly just surf the web so I don’t need much. Also I dropped my phone and now there’s a crack in the corner. Technology — vital, expensive, and fragile!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do have a tablet as well but when I am moving around the web, commenting/blogging I like the computer. I use my tablet on places like FB and IG and that works great.


  3. You had a great reading month. By the way, how are we already at the end of June??
    I’ve just started reading Things You Save in a Fire. I hope we both love it!


    1. I was lucky on NetGalley – it was open to Read on one day back a few months and I saw someone post about that on some social media site. So I jumped on it. I don’t usually get their books.

      Liked by 1 person

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