A Family of Strangers Emilie Richards

book cover

Published: Mira
Date: 25th June 2019
Source: Publisher via NetGalley


I slowly read the last pages of A Family of Strangers, reluctant to finish, because then I have to step out of the story web that Emilie Richards has woven and entrapped me in.

Ryan has had to return home to help her parents take care of her two nieces. There Dad is in a submarine somewhere and their mother – Ryan’s sister – Wendy, has let Ryan know she needs to disappear for awhile. Wendy is way older than Ryan so they have never really been at home together so don’t know each other that well.

When Ryan takes on the role of caring for her two nieces Holly and Noelle, she finds the going tough, the girls are lost and very wary. I liked how it wasn’t easy for Ryan as she had to find her way with them and discover what was happening for them.  As well Ryan needs to deal with a situation – a serious one – that she was involved in before she left town.  However she wants to reach out to Teo, the man she loved but left.

Those who like to listen to crime podcasts will appreciate that Ryan has produced and been part of a successful crime podcast. She is a journalist and as a mystery surrounding her sister begins to develop her skills, colleagues and general instincts come into play.

Along the way Ryan is going to have the opportunity of a second chance, she is going to find out what matters to her, how her family really sees her, and where true justice lies.

For those who like an absorbing family story, with mystery that leaves clues along the way so that you are able to infer and make judgements about what tack the story is going in.  A satisfying read.


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