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Audiobook Mid Year Check In

2019 Audiobook Challenge
So time to take on an audiobook challenge update for 2019.
Read all the details over at Caffeinated Reviewer or Hot Listens.
My aim is for 30 books for 2019. So far at this point I am 15/30, so on track. This is what I have listened to so far. I enjoyed them all.


  1. Tides of Honour Genevieve Graham. 4 stars. Narration – Fajar Al- Kaisi. 4 stars. Length: 12hrs 23 min
  2. The Dream Daughter  Diane Chamberlian 5 stars. Narration – Susan Bennett  5 stars.  Length 13 hrs 32 min
  3. Cowboy Seal Homecoming Nicole Helm. 3 stars Narration – Romy Nordinger. 3 stars. Length 10hrs 24min
  4. True Places  Sonja Yoerg – 4.5 star. Narration – Lisa Flanagan 5 stars  Length 12hrs 15 min
  5. Royal Blood.  Rhys Bowen 3.5 stars. Narration – Katherine Kellgren 5 stars. Length 9hrs 20 min
  6. The Moon Sister.   Lucinda Riley 4 stars. Narration – Imogen Wilde 4.5 stars. Length 19 hrs 53 min
  7. The Woman at 72 Derry Lane.  Carmel Harrington 5 stars. Narration – Aoife McMahon 4.5 stars
  8. Come From Away by Genevieve Graham. 4 stars. Narrator -Michelle Ferguson 4 stars. Length 8 hrs 2min
  9. The Goodbye Cafe by Mariah Stewart 4.5 stars.  Narrator – Joy Osmanski 5 stars. Length 13hrs 42 min
  10. The Rosie Result   Graeme Simsion 5 stars.  Narrator – Graeme Simsion 5 stars.  Length 8 hrs 17 min
  11. No Place I’d Rather Be.  Cathy Lamb 5 stars. Narrators – Lisa Flanagan , Kate Reading 5 stars. 14hrs 55min
  12. Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe. Jenny Colgan 4 stars. Narrator -Penelope Rawlins 5 stars. 9 hours 8 min.
  13. Southern Side of Paradise  Kirsty Woodson Harvey  4 stars Narrators – Janet Metzger, Rebekkah  Ross  5 stars.  Length 10 hrs 19 min
  14. The Bookshop Penelope Fitzgerald.   4 stars.  Narrator – Eve Karpf  5 stars. Length: 4hrs 6min
  15. The Mother-in-Law  Sally Hepworth 4 stars. Narrator – Casey Withoos 5 stars. Length:  8hrs 3min

9 thoughts on “Audiobook Mid Year Check In”

  1. I didn’t challenge myself this year too much for this challenge. I’m glad I already made quota as I haven’t listened to an audiobook for some time now. I tabled Watership Down for another go since I was so busy with the cross stitch.


  2. Good for you!! I have no idea how many audios I’ve listened to so far this year, though I tend to average 2-3 a month, depending on the length. Fewer this summer, as I am listening to Big Books also!

    I really want to read or listen to The Rosie Result – I enjoyed the first two books!

    Enjoy your audios the rest of the year (and BTW, it is alarming to me that we are almost to the halfway point of the year!)


    2019 Big Book Summer Challenge


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