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Those Sister Relationships!


There are many books about sisters. These are ones I’ve read this year. So far! So many books either have the title with sisters in it or involve sisters. Whether you have six sisters like myself or no sister at all, sisters are a special relationship that makes great book material.

The third in this trilogy saw three sisters fulfil their dead father’s wish of restoring a theatre. It was a very satisfying third book and I was sorry to see this story most likely end.  Loved the characters and the relationships they develop between themselves. During the three books the sisters really come to know and love each other and form lasting relationships.

book cover Another third in a trilogy about three sisters and their mother. This was the story of Emerson the youngest. An actress who struggles to decide about her career and her marriage to Mark with Kyle the coffee guy in the background. Eventually good things happen for her but it took her awhile! Nice ending to the series .  I did really like the way the three were so supportive of each other.

Book coverThis is a story about three sisters who are all dumped in the same weekend. Ali and Finola fall apart at first, they are the victims and go into that space of victimhood where one rages, drinks, eats and sees no way out. But… only for awhile – both girls discover new insights about themselves and begin to rethink their lives. Zennie the third sister decides to do something wonderful for a friend – becoming a surrogate. And of course through challenge all the sisters win through.

book coverThis book has twin sisters Julia and Augusta. It details their lives growing up. One sister pleases her parent, one sister is outspoken and seeks adventure. They are very close and love each other. Julia though is loved more by her parents than Augusta. Julia is happy with the status quo but does hold one disturbing secret. Augusta questions, loves the dictionary and asking questions. Both will face deep grief and cope differently.

Book cover In The Lemon Sisters one sister – Mindy, lands on her other sister, Brooke whom she hasn’t seen in over a year and hands over her three children. She is suspicious of her husband and is exhausted. She needs time out. I thought Brooke was a very good sport for taking them on. She returns to the home town where she left someone and needs to face the music. While it is a love story it is also the story of a healing relationship between the two women, one that is likely to last.

Do you have a favourite book about sisters? Any recommendations?

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