One Minute Later. Susan Lewis

book cover

Published: William Morrow: Harper Collins
Date: June 11th 2019
Source: Publisher via Edelweiss


One minute you are okay, living a fun filled and fulfilling life – the next minute the unthinkable happens and you are twenty seven and experiencing a heart attack.

That’s what happens to Vivi Shaeger and it turns her world and life upside down. She returns to her home town of Kesterly on Sea and life is very different. To survive she is going to need a new heart. Suddenly life seems fragile and one of the things she wants to find out is – who is her father? But when she does find out what will she think?

The story swings between Vivi and Shelley who lives a generation back – it takes awhile to find the link between the two, but it is there. In one sense it will  give Vivi new heart and love, but what about the actual live beating heart? The story certainly tracks really well all the emotions that a person may experience in such a situation.

This is a story about family, secrets, love, loss and heartbreak. It is also a big plug for organ donation as it makes such a difference in the lives of recipients.

I liked the characters, followed the ups and downs and wondered how it would all turn out. Bittersweet is all I am saying!

9 thoughts on “One Minute Later. Susan Lewis”

  1. Oh bittersweet this sounds like one for when I need a cry. Right now dealing with flooding I need happy. 🙂 Great review Kathryn xo

    Liked by 1 person

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