Sunset Beach Mary Kay Andrews

Book cover

Published: St Martin’s Press
Date: May 7th 2019
Source: Publisher via NetGalley



Drue Campbell is struggling. She has a serious knee injury due to a surf board kite accident. And she is about to lose her job. What is a girl to do – only crawl back to her home town and take a job – reluctantly from her father and his latest wife – Wendy. Who also happens to be an ex friend of Drue.

She finds herself living in a rundown cottage that belonged to her grandparents and now belongs to her. But… it has a hole in the roof and other problems and she doesn’t have the money to fix up anything… at the moment.

Her work at her father’s lawyer firm is boring and her “stepmother” seems to have the most “going nowhere” jobs for her. But… don’t think Drue is going to be sidelined by that. She finds in her attic some interesting information that sets her “detective nose” into action. And then there is another situation that smells bad to her too. Not to be deterred – she wades in.

Drue is a delightful character, a little foolhardy, but she sure has her heart in the right place. She isn’t sure who she can trust, and she certainly has her doubts about her Dad.

There are a couple of mysteries to be solved, some suspects are fairly obvious and a couple provide surprises. Drue after a little misstep at the beginning finds someone she is going to eventually care for, so there is a little bit of romance in the air as well. And could she be a modern “Robin Hood”. For certain I don’t think she’ll ever be boring.

I loved the setting, the old cottage, and the beach and sunset. I liked seeing Drue find her way and a family of sorts coming together. It was an engaging read – one I took up happily each time I opened the book.

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