Month in Review

February Reading in Review

So February turned out to be a better month than I expected reading wise – a short month but I still read a good number. And The Moon Sister was over 20 hours long!

Total books read this month: 15

New to me authors:

Karen Harper
Fiona Lowe  *
Anne Youngson
Sandi Docker
Eithne Shortall
Esther Campion *
Meredith Appleyard

*Authors I’d read again

Reading Club Update:

I read Meet Me at the Museum which is a Modern Mrs Darcy book club read for February. It is an epistolary novel and I liked it. The discussion of the book brought out more about the book for me and hearing Anne Youngson being interviewed was an added bonus.

I read The House of Second Chances I read for the Books with Heart Facebook group. Really enjoyed it.

I didn’t read the Rachel Johns’ book club book because it was a DNF for me and didn’t want to give any more time to it.

Top Book for February

I had two books I gave five stars and they are both keepers

Looking forward to reading in March

These are two books I have for review I’ll read in March. I have never read either of these two authors, but if its a library or books well I am hopeful!

Main Reading Goals for March

  • read the 7 books I have for review
  • keep up and read for book clubs online I belong to
  • start a long ongoing book that I’ll read over a few months – haven’t decided which one yet.

Incoming Books for February…

Books Purchased

Library Books

From NetGalley or Edelweiss

Audio Books Purchased

I am linking up with Nicole and Feed Your Fiction Addiction


18 thoughts on “February Reading in Review”

  1. The Wednesday Wars was one of the few books I’ve reread. It was even better the second time. This author is from my home state and I have read more of his books, although nothing has topped The Wednesday Wars yet.

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  2. You had a great month! The Library of Lost and Found has such a beautiful cover. I hope you enjoy it. I am terrible at keeping up with my book club reads. It is something I’m also trying to work on. I hope you have a wonderful March!

    Tina @ As Told By Tina


    1. Take the Sisters books slowly Katherine as you don’t want to burn out on them – my fave I think is The Pearl Sister. Perhaps it is the Australian setting.


  3. You had a fabulous month, and *gasp* Katherine Center has a new book coming out????? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, says the woman with a mile-long stack of books she has to read already and who has been desperately attempting to read some books from her own shelf…. The literary universe is conspiring against me!

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  4. What a great month you had! I have Meet Me in the Museum in my stacks…glad to see you enjoyed it – I’ll have to move it up in my pile 🙂 So many books…so little time!


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