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Connect 5 Books March/April


BannerJoin me for 2019 in Connect Five – Books.

Congratulations to the giveaway winner for the first link up. She linked five books with neuroatypical characters.  Funnily enough the very next book I opened and am reading has such a character in it too. So its given me ideas for a connection of my own!

She says:

1) All the Bright Places: one character has bipolar disorder
2) I Was Born For This: one of the MCs has Anxiety.
3) The Vanishing Stair: MC is in treatment for Anxiety.
4) Solitaire: MC suffers from Depression.
5) Eliza and Her Monsters: MC suffers a panic attack and other (spoilery) things.
It was very interesting to see how successfully or not (in my opinion, of course) they portrayed these issues, how they were incorporated into the narrative and the characters’ personality, as well as the weight they had in their stories.

Remember you didn’t need to sign up for this challenge you can just join in as you see you have five connections.

When you have five that connect in whatever way you are able to group them then link up. How might you do this?  One of these ways is good.

  • Write and link up a blog post
  • Share the five books on Instagram and link up
  • Have a Goodreads shelf and link that up – this may be a little different but maybe use it in combination with a comment would be helpful.
  • Or… if you belong to none of these places, share five books in a comment.

What’s the Challenge?

To look for connections between books you read. There will be  many connections that just float over our awareness. Let’s see can we raise that a bit, whether its fairly surface level or something deeper.

If you need some guidelines for this then see the original post. Connect Five Books.


  • A book can only be used once for this challenge in the year.
  • The books must be read in 2019.
  • Books can be carried over until you have five of something. It may take a few months to gather five of something.
  • You may have  many connections of five to link up . So if you have two groups of five then you can link up twice and so on within a month.
  • You may just link one group of five during the year, or many each month. It depends on how many connections you come across!
  •  Use the hashtag  #connect5books2019 if sharing on social media.


Every second month I will post a link up on the last Wednesday of the month. This one will finish on the last Wednesday of April.  (I have changed this, I was going to do it every month, but every second month is going on trial!)


A Giveaway

For those who have a five book connection and link up there will be a random prize draw for one reader who will win a book of their choice for that month from the Book Depository. The last link up will be posted in November and go through December. At the end of the year there will be one draw as well for all those who have participated during the year, –  a book of choice from the Book Depository up to the value of $18 U.S.

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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6 thoughts on “Connect 5 Books March/April”

  1. hmm fantastic idea for a blogger challenge I’ll have to put on my thinking cap but I think the most connections in my reads lately have been either wounded warriors or WWII tales. Thanks

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