Snowfall on Lighthouse Lane by JoAnn Ross

book coverPublished: HQN Books
Date: November 1st 2018
Format: e-ARC
Pages: 384
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Little Bird Publicity via NetGalley

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Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks, Jolene Harper is forever indebted to the mother who encouraged her to fly—all the way to sunny LA and a world away from Honeymoon Harbor. Although Jolene vowed never to look back, returning home isn’t even a question when her mom faces a cancer scare. Which means running into Aiden Mannion all over town, the first boy she ever loved—and lost—and whom she can barely look in the eye.

Aiden’s black-sheep reputation may have diminished when he joined the marines, but everything he’s endured since has left him haunted. Back in Honeymoon Harbor to heal, he’s talked into the interim role of police chief, and the irony isn’t lost on the locals, least of all Aiden. But seeing Jolene after all these years is the unexpected breath of fresh air he’s been missing. He’s never forgotten her through all his tours, but he’s not sure anymore that he’s the man she deserves.


Snowfall on Lighthouse Lane is #2 in JoAnn Ross’ Honeymoon Harbor series. This time its another delectable Mannion brother and the woman he’s loved since forever, but somehow they never quite worked it all out when they were young.

Now they are older and wiser and for varying reasons find themselves back in Honeymoon Harbor.  Aidan with a bit of arm twisting from his father takes on the role of police chief to fill in a gap. And he has to be the ideal man for the job for any small town. He has lots of experience, is totally a good cop who isn’t going to take any nonsense when its needed and has a really soft heart when it comes to those in distress.

Jolene is a talented young woman but she has had her share of trauma but is now back in town to support her mother. She provides the feel good mother/daughter relationship in the story, and while she doesn’t want to make any commitment that will tie her down, it has to be said she hasn’t lost her feelings for Aidan.

A small town, feel good story with just enough tension applied along the way to boost interest for the reader. And yes there is a little bit of Christmas happening in the final chapter. And as well an ephemeral  character Bodhi, mate and working partner of Aidan who provide some extra interest to the story.

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