Over The Teacups, Review

Over the Teacups #10 with Kristan Higgins and Cathy Lamb


book coverWhy? I like any book by Kristan Higgins so I was absolutely keen to read this one.

Plot This is about three friends who have weight issues and body image issues – their struggles and their joys. Their families and loves.

What Appeals to me? An extremely well written book that explores hugely important themes in today’s world. Like body image, attitudes around that, other people’s kindness and unkindness. It’s about family struggles too. Parenting.

This book is so sad and so funny at various spots.

It took me  a little while to like the woman characters, but they grew on me. I It really isn’t an easy book to read in some ways, its confrontative.

And so… I think its an extremely important book, and would be excellent as a book club read. So much to talk about you’d need a few sessions!


book coverWhy? I thoroughly enjoy any book ever written by Cathy Lamb. Thanks to a blogger I was introduced to her books. This one was one I had that I hadn’t read, its like saving up something special.

Plot  Boss Mom Jaden has loved her son Tate since he was born. Born to her sister Brooke (a drug addict). Tate has a large head, so he has had a good deal of teasing to deal with. But… he is the most loveable of characters. Jaden takes him as her own when Brooke walks out after his birth. Now he is seventeen and he so wants to fly, to play basketball, to be accepted by other. And Jaden is so against that because a knock to the head could cause serious problems for Jaden because he has a shunt going from his brain to his heart.

What Appeals to me? I totally love the characters that Cathy Lamb conjures up. They are so full of warmth and feeling. And humour! Irreverent humour. I love the way she explores and shares someone who is different and so fully a wonderful human being.  It invites us to be open and kind and accepting and really celebratory of all the differences in people.

And so… I do have one more book to read by Cathy Lamb, her one that is due out on the 30th of October titled The Man She Married. I don’t even know what its about. It doesn’t matter. Its written by Cathy Lamb. That’s all I need to know.

21 thoughts on “Over the Teacups #10 with Kristan Higgins and Cathy Lamb”

  1. I think the Kristan Higgins book is right up my alley! Maybe it will help inspire some further weight loss 🙂

    Sherry @ Ubiquitous Grace


  2. Totally agree about Higgins. Love her books. I’ve only read a novella by Lamb but, after checking her book list on Goodreads, I’ve marked several of her titles “to read”. Do you have a favorite?


    1. Mary such a difficult question. I did love this one and The Language of Sisters, The Last Time I Was Me, Henry’s Sisters. They are all good, some I’ve given 5 stars to and some 4. And now I am looking at them on GR and thinking when I run out of her books I’ll do some rereads!


  3. I enjoy both authors. I recently read my first Kristan Higgins book, and will be reading Good Luck with That soon.

    Cathy Lamb is another go-to author, although I haven’t read anything of hers lately. I read A Different Kind of Normal in 2012…so I had to look it up to recall my thoughts.

    Thanks for sharing. I love your teapot and cups!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do too and the best thing is I have those teacups in reality! I love Cathy Lamb. Bloggers have influence, an Australian blogger at Book’d Out (no longer blogs) wrote a review for one that I read and the rest is history! I love when I find a new to me author like that.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Aymee yes so many women do, at least at some point in their lives, I’ve been touched by a sister who has been anorexic severely. This book looks at the other side of being larger than one would like. I have to admit severely overweight people like one in this story grosses me out, yet as the book shows there is a person in there. So in that way it was confrontative for me making me question my attitudes.


      1. It’s good to find a book that makes you question your beliefs/opinions. I’m sorry about your sister, I hope that she’s doing better and has found a healthy outlet.


      2. Aymee her struggle with anorexia was a few years ago now, but the thing is it leaves you with health issues in later years so just a really bad disease.


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