21 thoughts on “Welcome on in.”

  1. I am still toying with the idea of moving everything over to WP. I love the notifications at WP for comments and likes and I feel like you are better able to respond to comments and keep the conversation going. But I can’t move my whole blog (ten years of posts and comments) so I hesitate to do so.


    1. Deb, yes I moved really for the commenting system to be honest. For you it would be difficult as on WordPress.com we are only allowed to import a certain “weight” so for my last years worth it was all done manually. You’d most likely have to pay for your site then it would be different.


    1. Martha yes and no!! I was able to export and import quite a bit but then the last year I had to manually bring over the posts I wanted, I didn’t bring everything. So it took some concerted effort, but its done!!


  2. Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me what you use for your reading challenge progress bars in your right sidebar. I’d love to add something similar to my own!

    Thank you~


    1. Thanks Laurel-Rain. I was able to keep the header but couldn’t bring over other parts of the design. But thats okay. Have had 5 and half good years of using it.


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