Over The Teacups, Review

Over The Teacups #7


book coverWhy? This was on sale at Audible and as I usually enjoy a Luanne Rice book I chose it.

Plot Kate seeks her sister Willa who has gone missing. In the place she searches is lawyer John who is defending a criminal who kills women. He has two delightful children Maggie and Teddy. Will she find her sister alive? Are there any links to the criminal killer?

What Appeals to me? This had some twists and turns and tension that kept me listening. In the last few chapters I was sure biting my nails. Kate was a strong character and a really nice person, Maggie and Teddy while they played small roles, were very much what made this book so appealing. So crime, mystery, tension and a little romance. While I was never sure of how this would end, let’s just say I was satisfied.

And so… I have read quite a few of Luanne Rice’s books and this certainly lived up to what I expect from her. I still have some of hers that I haven’t read so they will be in my future.

book cover Why? I have read the previous books in this series and enjoyed them, although I didn’t like the narration in some of them. So I was going to read this but when I looked at the size of the book I decided to listen.

Plot This one is about CeCe who travels to find out who her family of origin is. Her adoptive father Pa Salt has sent all the girls on an exploration of where they came from. CeCe’s lead her to the western coast of Australia and into the interior to Alice Springs. We also learn the story of Kitty MacBride a Scottish woman who comes out to Broome, Australia- an ancestor of CeCe. I loved both stories. Very well researched.

What Appeals to Me? Well I will hang in there with this series because I want to find out the mystery of Pa Salt, each book a little clue or two is dropped. Also the hidden seventh sister is a mystery. Plus usually the dual time line of these books is very good. I really loved this one, for me the best! The Australian setting was so well done and I loved every part of it. Plus… and a big plus…. the narration was very good. Two narrators – one for CeCe and one for Kitty and their Australian accents were recognisable! Although take note that that is a New Zealand ear listening!

And so... Well I guess I just have to wait for another year or whatever to pass so that I get the next one which sounds like Tiggy is up next and it has something to do with Scotland.

book cover Why? I really enjoy this romantic suspense series of Nick and Sam. I’ve read them all and this is #12. They are addictive.

Plot. In this one there are a number of drive by shootings and Sam and her team are out to find out who it is before more people are mowed down. Nick is dealing with the possibility of seeing the President stepping down and Nick being asked to step up. As well a few side stories of developments for ongoing characters.

What Appeals to Me? I enjoyed the fun winding up by Sam with her partner – Cruz, as she prepares his night out before his wedding. I liked the ongoing story of Nick and his job and Sam’s desire to become pregnant. But I’d like to see developments! Evidently I won’t get them because it wouldn’t suit the possible plots!

And so… I’ll certainly look forward to #13 coming out later in 2018 and will definitely read it, although for me this one just didn’t give the buzz I have come to expect from this series.

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