Reunion Pass. Emily March

Reunion Pass book cover

Published: St Martin’s Press
Date: April 5th 2016
Format: e-ARC
Pages: 336
Genre: Romance
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
5 stars                 Add to Goodreads

Six years ago, Chase Timberlake bought an engagement ring for his high school sweetheart Lori Reese. Then … life happened. Chase’s adventure photography career took off, Lori’s dream of getting into veterinary school came true, and their happily ever after never came to pass.

When Chase’s jet-setting life takes a tragic turn, he returns to Eternity Springs a damaged man. Who better to help mend his spirit than the woman who has dedicated her life to healing broken wings? Long summer days spent together rekindles the love that never died and Chase dares to dream of a future he’d thought lost. But Lori can’t help but wonder whether this high-flying man really wants a small-town girl with roots sunk deep into the Colorado Rockies. Can she and Chase turn back the hands of time and pick up where they left off — and give forever a chance?

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Reunion Pass – #11 in the Eternity Springs series and every bit as good as the first one and all those that followed. I have often wondered what went wrong for Lori and Chase, both such wonderful young people. Now some years on we meet up again and find out the full story.
I found I didn’t want to put this story down, it drew me in right from the beginning. I just totally loved it all. We get to see Lori now all grown up and ready to take on her new professional role. We see Chase with a different girl and about to get married. 
Chase has become a world adventurer, and his girlfriend Lana a TV reality star on an adventure TV series. They enjoy taking risky adventures, however when a snarky demand goes very badly wrong things sure take a twist. It is a very topical happening in today’s world, and with a few brush strokes  from Emily March’s pen and my own imagination – I am able to see the full horror of it. 
I loved our revisits with some of the other families of Eternity Springs, and of course Celeste is still active and intuitively where she needs to be, to spread her hope and faith in people and outcomes. Healing comes gradually for Chase – just when his family is beginning to despair. The way to healing is perfect and I just loved those additions to the story. Don’t want to spoil it here so not mentioning it.
While this is part of a series it could be read as a  stand alone, however every book in this series is excellent and I highly recommend every single one of them. All outstanding. 
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