New Leaf. Catherine Anderson

New Leaf
Catherine Anderson.
Published: Signet
Date: 5th January 2016
Format: Kindle
Pages: 428
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Own book
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New Leaf is the second book in the Mystic Creek series by Catherine Anderson. However it is easily read as a stand alone book. The connecting link is the Sterling family. This time it is Barney’s turn. He is a local deputy sheriff, and a good man to the bone.

In a very amusing opening scene he makes an up close meeting with Taffeta Brown who runs the local health store and lives in a small flat above the store. There is an instant attraction and its not long before Barney is a regular visitor at the store.

When Taffy tells him about her daughter from whom she has no legal right to see, and asks for his help in gaining her back – of course Barney is willing. What does Taffy want? She feels if she is married to a very reliable lawman, it will make her case for getting her daughter back.

Most of the story is about their life together and their eventual battle to get Sarah, Taffy’s daughter back in her life. The father has been irresponsible and Sarah is something no five year old should be. Fortunately her grandparents on her father’s side have helped out when Sarah’s father failed her big time.

This book has all the trademarks of a Catherine Anderson story. Family is at the heart of the story, and sometimes the family you are born into is not necessarily the one that will see you right through life. It’s a warm, love filled story with strong values coming through.

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5 thoughts on “New Leaf. Catherine Anderson”

  1. I remember this author from when I first started reading romances but I don't think I've read anything by her in years. This series sounds good and while this premise doesn't grab my attention this series definitely does. Thanks for sharing!


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