Weekly Wrap and Fitreaders

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I will be linking up as well to the Sunday Post at Caffeinated Book Reviewer and Sheila at Book Journey runs It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 
I achieved just slightly above my goal for the week. I’ve signed up again for the month of October.
Oh my gosh, October – 2015 slow down! We went into Daylight saving last Sunday morning, however it hasn’t affected me as much as it sometimes does, might be my time clock was a little unsettled anyway with my trip last week to Melbourne.

What I read last week:

book coverbook coverbook cover
book cover

What I am reading at present:

Still listening to:
book cover
book cover

Up next:

Home for Christmas by Lily Everett
The Good Neighbor Amy Sue Nathan

Posts from the last week:

28 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap and Fitreaders”

  1. Hi Kathryn, Happy Monday. Nice selection my friend. I just finished Rachel Vincent's first in her new dark fantasy series, Menagerie, Wonderful. I've got her on the blog on Friday!
    Have a great week!


  2. Our daylight saving time won't go into effect till later this month, so we still have a few more weeks before we have to got through that. I usually find the switch to winter time easier to deal with than to summer time. I hope you're enjoying All I Want, I only have read one Jill Shalvis book so far, but I really enjoyed that one and want to read more books by her. I hope you have a great week!


  3. I know, seriously, where is the time going?!?! How is it October already? I don't even want to start thinking about Christmas and all the shopping I have to do. Stresses me out. Lol.

    I hope you have a great week! Happy reading!


  4. I have been turned down before for Jill S. But thought I'd be cheeky. It is her usual good stuff and I enjoyed it. Got to say though I get tired of a romance series after awhile.


  5. I'm just a little green that you have All I Want, can't wait to see what you think. Can't say I mind that we don't have daylight saving here in QLD, I remember it being a drag when we were kids and had to be in bed early. Nice work on the step goals Kathryn, like you I'm in again. Love this group … so motivating!


  6. Great job on meeting your steps goal. I've been really bad and not getting any exercise but I am watching what I eat. I still haven't read any of Jill Shalvis books but they sound really good. I hope you are adjusted to your new time and have a great week!


  7. I liked After You and I want to read Pretending to Dance. I've got The Good Neighbor on my TBR pile too.

    Glad the time change didn't bother you that much. It always messes with my appetite and I usually feel out of sorts for awhile.


  8. No time change her till the end of the month but it already getting dark so early but I beginning to feel ready for winter and looking forward to getting cosy!

    Have a great week!


  9. I always hate the time changes, they always seem to screw me up internally somehow. 🙂 Hard to believe it's this time of year already. Sigh.

    It's nice to see Christmas reads around though, I like that part of this time of year. They're showing up in the boostores a bit too and it's fun to see all the festive titles.


  10. We don't do our daylight savings until Nov. Looks like you had a good reading week. A christmas book too. I have never read Lily Everett, is she more romance or woman fiction?


  11. I'm eager to get my hands on After You….but I think I'll wait to see what you think…some haven't liked it as much as the first book, and after reading other books by Moyes, Me Before You was definitely not my favorite.

    I don't know why.

    Enjoy your week…and thanks for visiting my blog.

    I think it's so weird that our change from Daylight Savings Time has switched, and for the past few years, has been in early November.

    I hate time changes! LOL


  12. It's daylight savings here this weekend but (as I'm in Queensland) we don't adopt it. (Which is a bummer!)

    Keen to read your review of Pretending to Dance!



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