The Summer Wind. Mary Alice Monroe

book cover

The Summer Wind
Mary Alice Monroe
Published: Blackstone Audio
Date: 2014
Format: Audiobook
Length: 11hrs 44min
Narrator: Mary Alice Monroe
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Source: Own book
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The Summer Wind is #2 in the Lowcountry Summer trilogy written and narrated by Mary Alice Monroe.  This book takes up the story of the three half sisters, Dora, Carson and Harper.  Not to forget Nate, Dora’s son.  Of course Mamaw and Lucille are very much part of their lives again too. They are all still at Sea Breeze on Sullivan’s Island for the last summer before the house must be sold.

This book focuses on Dora, her marriage seems to be over and it is time for her to pick up her life and maybe let the reins go too a little where Nate is concerned. Mamaw, Carson and Harper all take it in turn to help and support Dora in the process of healing.  It doesn’t hurt either that she meets an old friend who seems exactly right for her.

We also are updated on Delphine’s progress, the dolphin that was badly injured in Book one.  There is also a delightful scene with turtles.

The winds of change are moving through the house for Mamaw, Lucille and the girls.  Carson is thrown a curve ball that leaves her all at sea, what she will decide remains to be seen.  Dora is realising it is time for her to be independent and make choices that will take her into the second half of life a happy person.  Harper too is beginning to think through her future. And someone says a last goodbye.

This trilogy is definitely one where to pick up just one would be dissatisfying.  It is one story told in three parts. I look forward to the last one to pick up the lives of these mostly southern women.

Again the book is narrated by the author, she has a feel for the story and I enjoyed listening to her tell it.

4.5 stars

6 thoughts on “The Summer Wind. Mary Alice Monroe”

  1. Elizabeth I listen while walking. Lately I have been driving a bit to visit a family member in hospital so have been using driving time as well. I know a lot of people listen while housecleaning etc. But me not much. I love silence so happy to have nothing going on around me. Sometimes I listen before I go to sleep too, but only sometimes. However audio is fantastic and when you are tired it's also great to sit and listen. But hey no pressure!


  2. Do you do something while listening like clean or drive? I don't think I could just sit and listen, but so many people are advocating audiobooks these days that I am feeling some pressure to try them more. When I used to be crafty I would listen to books, but it's been years.


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