Her Mother’s Shadow. Diane Chamberlain

Her Mother's Shadow book cover

Her Mother’s Shadow
Diane Chamberlain
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA
Date: 1st published 2004, this edition 2013
Format: Paperback
Pages: 382
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Source: Local library.

A loving mother and wife, Annie O’Neill was the heart of the small community of Kiss River. But her generous nature hid a darker side that remained secret for years after her tragic death.

When Lacey O’Neill finally learns the shattering truth about the mother she’s spent a decade emulating, the foundation of her life begins to crumble. Then her close childhood friend dies, leaving her teenage daughter, Mackenzie, in Lacey’s care, and Lacey unwillingly finds herself in the role of mother.

Uprooted by her mother’s death, Mackenzie resents her new home of Kiss River. She wants nothing to do with the father who never knew she existed–and especially not her mother’s oldest friend. But the person who could understand her best might be the one she resents most: Lacey.

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Her Mother’s Shadow is the third novel in the Kiss River trilogy by Diane Chamberlain.  These three books interlinked in many ways, and it is certainly one trilogy where it would be best read from the first book.  Events that were introduced in Keeper of the Light, were further explored and taken further than I anticipated.  
This book centres on Lacey, she was a witness to her mother’s murder, she looks very much like her mother did, has become a glass artist and is just recovering from being like her mother in another way that ultimately is destructive.  She has the support of her brother and his wife Gina.  They were the focus of the second book Kiss River and it is wonderful to see them married and enjoying their delightful daughter.  
Lacey is thrown into a turmoil when her best friends dies in a road accident and she leaves Mackenzie to Lacey’s care.  Lacey does not really know Mackenzie and it is a difficult relationship that has to be negotiated.  Mackenzie does not have a father but Lacey has always believed it to be a Bobby who hung with them as teenagers.  She decides to let Bobby know and he comes to visit.  Will he be the same wild person that Lacey remembers? Also there is Rick a man that has come to spend the summer in a cottage and write a book. He and Lacey spend time together, but is he who he appears to be?
There are many mysteries that slowly unravel in this book.  I loved how gradually all the secrets change things as they become known. Generally as the reader we became aware of how things were working out before some characters and this worked surprisingly well.  I loved the relationships among all the characters – how they grow and change.  Through it all there is a sense of family, love and forgiveness.  A very fitting ending to a story of a family over three books.  Loved it.
4.5 stars

Kiss River Trilogy

Keeper of the Light
Her Mother’s Shadow

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  1. I've read many books by Ms. Chamberlain over the years, starting way back, but somehow I missed the Kiss River series, so thank you for highlighting them for me. I will check my library for the first one 🙂


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